Dealing with your medical waste disposal in Georgia is an involved process that requires many steps to ensure you're fully in compliance. While the process is intensive, an experienced medical waste management company can walk you through those steps with less hassle and fear of punishment from noncompliance. Use the following waste management tips to handle all your waste disposal needs in the easiest, most cost-effective way possible.

Important Medical Waste Disposal Tips for Georgia - Ensuring Your Georgia Medical Facility Is Handling Your Waste Disposal Right

  1. Check Your Medical Waste Disposal Company Has the Proper Permitting for Georgia


It's vitally important you ensure the company you work with has all the necessary permits to handle your particular waste streams. Not only will this limit any liability or headache for you if something goes awry, but securing those proper permits also suggests an experienced, knowledgeable company that will provide better service for you.

Adequate insurance should also be checked along with qualifications, training, and permits for their truck drivers.


  1. Work with a Full-Service Medical Waste Management Company in Georgia


Using one company that you know and trust is an easy way to keep down your medical waste disposal cost. Rather than having to find and coordinate between multiple companies, you can go to the same company for disposal services, proper documentation, and even supplemental services (such as document destruction).


Receiving the proper documentation is a particularly important facet in case you're ever subject to an OSHA audit.


  1. Only Consider Experienced Medical Waste Disposal Companies in Georgia


A big part of proper waste disposal is having the experience to know what's required and the diligence to ensure all those rules are followed to the letter.

Whether dealing with regulated medical waste disposal or some other medical waste stream, this means taking care of the details. When packaging everything, for example, the boxes should never be leaking, they shouldn't be too heavy, the top should be securely taped, and all sharps should be in puncture-resistant medical sharps bins.

  1. Find Flexible Medical Waste Management Companies in Georgia


Flexibility and reliability are two hugely important factors when selecting a company to assist with your medical waste.

Depending on the type of medical facility you're operating in Georgia, it's certainly a possibility that you keep odd hours—or at least hours outside the typical nine to five. Because you're not always going to line up with other businesses, it's important to work with a company that can work around your schedule, maintain its pickup promises, and notify you if any changes to that pickup schedule are necessary.

  1. Go Local for all Georgia Waste Management Needs


Working locally for all your waste disposal needs is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to handle this end of your business.

If, for example, you experience fluctuations in how much waste you produce, you want to know you're working with a Georgia-based company that can get to your facility easily and quickly. If your management company only comes to your area once a month or less, you could be stuck with an influx of medical waste and nowhere to conveniently store it.

Especially if you're in Atlanta (or a comparably metropolitan area), you can typically expect a medical waste pick up within the week.

Working locally also means your company is more likely to know and comply with all Georgia-specific laws as well as any federal regulations.


For more information about how to handle your medical waste removal, please feel free to contact a representative of MCF Environmental Services, an experienced waste management Atlanta company in the medical waste disposal industry.