Dental Waste
Management Services

Waste disposal for all sharps and biohazardous waste

A reliable partnership for Dental Clinics


No minimum shipments required, no monthly or annual fees. We will charge you only for the waste you generate.


We handle everything, from waste profiles and compliance support to bins, scheduling, transport, disposal and manifest.


Our drivers and support team have decades of experience, training and certification to identify waste and minimize risk exposure

A Leader in Dental Waste Management

From biohazardous sharps to amalgam disposal, MCF has partnered with dental practices across the US for over 30 years, providing biomedical and hazardous waste services that are reliable, cost-competitive and uncomplicated.

While dental clinics generate very small volumes of medical and hazardous waste, there are very specific requirements mandated around handling and disposal. At MCF we provide integrated waste collection and treatment services for the following dental wastes:

  • Dental X-Ray Fixer
  • Amalgam and Dental Mercury Waste
  • Biohazardous sharps and red bag medical waste
  • Unused and expired medications

From the supply of sharps containers to the disposal and treatment of hazardous wastes; our team at MCF manage every aspect of the waste journey, protecting our customers’ cradle to grave responsibility and removing the risk associated with third party vendors. We are focused on providing integrated services that minimize facility interruption, uphold reliability in service scheduling, and provide a strong platform for staff education and compliance requirements relevant to waste handling protocols; in short, we see ourselves as an expert extension of your
healthcare practice.

Our unique waste management approach:


Full Waste Stream management of biohazardous sharps, medical waste and pharmaceuticals


Expertise in hazardous collection and treatment including amalgam, fixer and dental mercury waste


Locally owned waste collection and treatment services with closed-loop manifest records


Compliance training to keep dentists trained on HIPAA and OSHA governed regulations


We’re available and responsive! We take great pride in delivering support when our customers need it


Prices Locked in for the first year, and CPI increases are capped at 4% per annum

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Please note we do not provide disposal services for household waste

Understanding the EPA Dental Amalgam Rule

Effective July 14, 2020, the EPA’s dental amalgam rule is applicable to all existing and new dental practices that discharge dental amalgam. Under the new rule, dental practices are required to operate and maintain one or more ISO 11143 compliant amalgam separators, cease the discharge of scrap amalgam waste to POTWs, and to cease using line cleaners that have a pH level higher than 8 or lower than 6. Dentists who practice in oral pathology, maxillofacial and oral radiology, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics are exempt from the rule. Additionally, dentists who already have separators at the time of the rule enforcement are permitted to operate these for their lifetime or 10 years (whichever comes first) before their separators must be compliant with ISO 1143 requirements.

Local, Reliable and Price Competitive Services

We focus on your dental waste needs, so your team can focus on patient care

As a specialized waste company, we focus on what we do best - compliance and expertise in waste identification, transport and treatment. Many of the customers we work with have very little knowledge about hazardous waste management, so we have worked hard to create a service model that demystifies waste handling regulations and provides simple and straight-forward waste management solutions that keep costs low, facilities compliant, and clinical staff safe. At MCF our team handle all aspects of waste so you’re only dealing with one company to book waste services, manage account changes, download manifests and deliver compliance training... and we’re local!

Local, Reliable and Price Competitive Services

We focus on your dental waste needs, so your team can focus on patient care

Waste Streams We Manage

We specialize in all medical, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste streams generated by dental clinics and oral radiology and surgery centers. As waste specialists, we pride ourselves on removing the complexity of regulatory compliance and multi-waste stream service scheduling. From supply of bins, sharps and pharmaceutical containers to the transport and treatment of waste, we do it all. Here are some of the healthcare waste streams we manage.

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