Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Services

For doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers, waste disposal means more than just managing sharps containers and hypodermic needles or keeping track of expired medications.   From trace chemotherapy waste to document destruction, MCF provides a one stop solution for all of your bio and non bio-medical disposal needs.

And best of all… our prices are the best in the business!

 How do we keep our bottom line so low?

  • Our non-hazardous waste permit allows us to operate our own facility – including our own Autoclave
  • We maintain our own trucks and drivers – with one of the best retention rates in the industry
  • No middle men
  • No outside contractors
  • No additional steps between the collection and disposal of your non-hazardous waste
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Healthcare professionals face an extensive list of rules and regulations

With more 25 years in the waste management industry our team of dedicated experts understands what is needed to succesfuly complete the disposal process from A to Z, while mitigating your liability throughout the process. Our certified and experienced drivers operate under our hazardous waste transportation licenses, which allow us to provide service for pharmaceutical and other medical waste in all the states where we operate. Our document shredding and destruction services ensure sensitive information never gets into the wrong hands. With the addition of our autoclave facility, we can now provide end-to-end processing and sterilization of your red-bag waste.

Rely on Enhanced Safety and Compliance

In the constantly changing world of medical waste disposal, it not about getting from point A to point Z, it’s about making sure your business is protected every step of the way.

MCF Environmental’s custom waste management services ensure you remain compliant with all the latest regulations. From accurate invoicing to detailed manifests, we can provide you with all the necessary paperwork to fulfill your industry’s compliance requirements. Our goal is to allow you to rest easy, knowing your business is operating safely and lawfully.

Red Bag Waste

MCF specializes in the proper handling and disposal of all types of regulated medical waste, including red bag, biohazardous, pathological, sharps containers, gloves, gauze, gowns and other disposables from exam and treatment rooms. From providing the proper containers and packaging, to ensuring all your documentation is in place, we work with you to ensure that your workspace stays safe and compliant, on a schedule that meets your unique needs.

Trace Chemotherapy Waste

Trace chemotherapy wastes come with their own guidelines and regulations for disposal. MCF specializes in the proper handling and disposal of trace chemotherapy waste, including used or partially empty packages, tubes, syringes, needles, gowns, and gloves used for IV cancer treatments. We have the experience and expertise to help you ensure compliance.


In addition to the rule governing the storage and distribution of controlled substances, doctors and pharmacies must now dispose of expired medication through third-party waste disposal in the same manner as other hazardous waste. MCF can help manage collection and disposal for all your pharmaceutical wastes. Our staff can assist with a formulary review for all pharmaceuticals used, and supply containers for the proper handling and disposal of pharmaceutical wastes, tailored to meet your needs

Fast Onboarding

Unlike other waste management companies that require a lengthy onboarding process, complete with lots of online forms and little personal interaction, we work with you to create a customer profile, helping you identify exactly what you need and then presenting you with a customized service proposal. By taking the time to listen to our customers, we can cover every contingency, and help our client minimize risk and maximize compliance.

OSHA Training and Compliance

Reduce risk and focus on what matters most by taking advantage of our OSHA training and compliance services. For a monthly fee of $35, you gain access to our online OSHA program, which provides doctors, nurses, and other medical staff with training on blood borne pathogens, cleaning of medical materials, emergency response, and other related issues.

Count on us to provide your staff with all the information and training needed to remain OSHA and HIPPA compliant. Our online classes make it easy to optimize staff training so that you can spend less time worrying about compliance, more time focusing on growing your business.

Document Destruction

As regulations regarding the protection and destruction of sensitive data become stricter and more complicated, it’s good to know you can rely on MCF Environmental for secure and thorough paper shredding and document destruction. We handle all ongoing or one time, offsite, secure document destruction and paper shredding for healthcare providers, law offices, auto dealers, and property managers. Our document destruction services are in compliance with standards set forth by HIPAA, GLB, EEA, and FACTA. Document destruction services are currently available in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

States Where We Provide Medical Waste Management