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Waste Disposal

Partnering with healthcare for over 30 years for the safe collection and disposal of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, we approach the management of trace and bulk chemotherapy waste with human safety and environmental responsibility at the forefront.

What is bulk chemotherapy waste? What is trace chemotherapy waste? And how do I tell the difference? Quite simply, it’s either the hazardous listing or residual drug volume that determines whether chemotherapy drugs must be disposed of in a trace chemotherapy (yellow bin) waste stream or a RCRA hazardous (black bin) waste stream. At MCF we help our healthcare customers navigate the complexity of waste segregation, waste profiling, storage, containerization and disposal in a way that makes sense to compliance and frontline staff.

As experts in all healthcare waste streams, we minimize costs for nursing homes, surgery centers, laboratories and other patient care facilities by providing a single expert touch-point for all waste management requirements. We don’t broker services, we don’t hide fees or auto-renewal clauses, and we’re honest and upfront about what services you need based on the waste volumes and waste types your facility is generating. And… if your needs change, we will grow with you and adapt accordingly.

We dispose of the following Chemotherapy Wastes:


Listed Hazardous drugs such as Arsenic Trioxide and Chlorambucil


Disposable Gloves and PPE contaminated with Chemotherapy Drugs


IV Bags and Tubing


Bandages and Dressings contaminated with Cytotoxic Drugs


USP800 classified waste

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Please note we do not provide disposal services for household waste

Environmentally Responsible Waste Disposal

The EPA classifies nine chemotherapy drugs as characteristic or listed hazardous waste pharmaceuticals, meaning it’s incredibly important that correct waste collection, storage and disposal methodologies are adopted. At MCF we are passionate about reducing single-use plastics and ensuring that hazardous substances are prevented from leaching into landfill or waterways. We manage all services through our own transport and processing network (no third parties), minimizing risk and ensuring that as a company we can be assured that our chemotherapy waste management solutions are achieving the highest levels of sustainability from cradle to grave.

Correct Chemotherapy Waste Disposal

Segregating RCRA Hazardous and Trace Chemotherapy Waste

When disposing of chemotherapy contaminated items such as PPE, drapes or bandages, it’s important to distinguish whether they are visibly contaminated (considered bulk chemotherapy waste) or not (considered trace chemotherapy waste). With vials, bags, IV tubes and other items used to contain chemotherapy drugs, these items are considered “RCRA empty” if they held U-listed substances and contain less than 3% of the former volume. If however these items contained P-listed substances, the same is only considered “RCRA empty” if it is triple-rinsed. With bulk chemotherapy waste categorized as a hazardous waste stream, effective segregation is critical.

The Importance of Turnkey Lab Pack Service

Eliminating risk in the categorization and packing of chemicals

For lab decommissioning, it’s essential to choose a waste partner that not only has licensing and permitting for transport and disposal, but also the expertise in compliance training, chemistry and hazardous substance categorization. Before any chemical substances can be packaged and containerized, a full inventory of chemicals must be compiled and expert guidance provided to correctly package the lab pack according to the type of waste. Correct packing and segregation of innocuous waste is critical to eliminating risk of chemical reactiveness, and when you partner with MCF, we provide this service (categorization, packing and handling) for you.

We Help you Navigate Chemotherapy Waste Disposal

At MCF we don’t broker waste – you are working directly with us for your waste transport, disposal, compliance and customer support. Without a “middle man” we can keep your costs low, your customer experience consistent, and your waste pickup services reliable and flexible. We provide:

  • Identification of all materials within the lab
  • Inventory creation of all chemicals and substances
  • Expert guidance on chemical storage, satellite accumulation areas and correct labelling
  • DOT approved lab pack containers that are leakproof and chemical resistant
  • Scheduling of your waste pickup with Waste Profiles, Manifests, Labels, Placards and Shipping
  • All labor associated with packing of the lab pack, and all travel expenses associated with transport
  • A program that requires no minimum shipments, monthly fees or annual commitments

•   Free assessment of waste needs and non-obligation quote with variable service options
•   Integrated waste quoting and pickups for all healthcare waste streams
•   Chemotherapy Waste collections that requires no minimum shipments, monthly fees or annual commitments
•   Expert Guidance on medical waste segregation, education materials and online compliance training
•   DOT approved containers for both trace chemotherapy and RCRA hazardous waste
•   Access to the industry’s first reusable clinically designed Trace Chemotherapy container through our exclusive partnership
•   Online compliance training for DOT, HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens

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