A Leader in COVID
Waste Disposal

Covid Waste Pickup, Transportation and Disposal

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No minimum shipments required, no monthly or annual fees. We will charge you only for the waste you generate.


We handle everything, from waste profiles and compliance support to bins, scheduling, transport, disposal and manifest.


Our drivers and support team have decades of experience, training and certification to identify waste and minimize risk exposure

A Leader in COVID Waste
Waste Disposal

With over thirty years experience serving the waste needs of healthcare, we have a level of preparedness, service infrastructure and expertise that positions us to not only provide reliable support to nursing homes and patient-care facilities battling influxes of COVID-19 impacted waste volumes or isolation areas, but to do so without pandemic pricing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of medical waste collection for many patient-care facilities across the United States. With waste volumes changing in response to outbreaks or patient surges, the predictability of service needs has been challenged. At MCF Environmental, health and safety during this pandemic is our priority, and we have invested heavily in ensuring that every touchpoint of our medical waste management processes from the cleanliness of containers to the sanitization processes at our operations facility, are scrutinized against hygiene risk.

Whether you need a longer-term contract, or just a one-off waste pickup to support the service continuity of your aged facility, COVID-19 vaccine clinic or medical practice, we can help. We won’t lock you into a contract, we will be servicing you directly (no brokering), and we will ensure that our waste collections minimize disruption and don’t add further strain on facility management.

We dispose of the following
COVID waste contaminated materials:


Red Bags and BioHaz Cardboard Boxes


COVID-19 Vaccines


Used Syringes and Sharps


Soiled or Contaminated Masks and PPE


Isolation Room Waste


Cleaning and Disinfection Services for all types of facilities

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Please note we do not provide disposal services for household waste

COVID-19 Guide

View our guide on how to properly package and dispose of COVID-19 waste to maintain compliance and minimize cost.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Our decontamination and environmental deep cleaning and disinfecting services are designed to be minimally intrusive to reduce disruption to facility management. Partnering with all types of facilities across the private business and government sector, our expert team adopt scrupulous safety and hygiene practices when on site and use hospitalgrade disinfectants approved for COVID-19 disinfection. All Chemicals are wiped clean to remove residue, and surfaces are thoroughly dried to eliminate toxicity or fumes. If you are interested, call us today!

No Surge Pricing. We protect your costs

If your medical waste volumes increase, we don’t penalize you

Partnering with nursing home, vaccine clinics and other patient-care facilities, we deploy a cost and service model that does not enforce surge pricing if our customers experience an outbreak or extreme variance in medical waste volumes. With 24-hour emergency response, contingency container stock, and a fleet of trucks and experienced drivers that can be deployed at short notice, we ensure that as your needs change we are on the front foot of response.

The Importance of Turnkey Lab Pack Service

Eliminating risk in the categorization and packing of chemicals

For lab decommissioning, it’s essential to choose a waste partner that not only has licensing and permitting for transport and disposal, but also the expertise in compliance training, chemistry and hazardous substance categorization. Before any chemical substances can be packaged and containerized, a full inventory of chemicals must be compiled and expert guidance provided to correctly package the lab pack according to the type of waste. Correct packing and segregation of innocuous waste is critical to eliminating risk of chemical reactiveness, and when you partner with MCF, we provide this service (categorization, packing and handling) for you.

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

We Help you Navigate COVID Waste Requirements

At MCF we see ourselves as extension of your business operations which means impacting your costs and compliance not only in medical waste and COVID-19 vaccine collection and disposal, but ensuring we are available to be called upon the instant your needs change or an outbreak occurs. We provide:

  • Identification of all materials within the lab
  • Inventory creation of all chemicals and substances
  • Expert guidance on chemical storage, satellite accumulation areas and correct labelling
  • DOT approved lab pack containers that are leakproof and chemical resistant
  • Scheduling of your waste pickup with Waste Profiles, Manifests, Labels, Placards and Shipping
  • All labor associated with packing of the lab pack, and all travel expenses associated with transport
  • A program that requires no minimum shipments, monthly fees or annual commitments

•   A personalized approach that is not “one-size-fits-all”
•   Free assessment of waste needs and non-obligation quote with variable service options
•   Waste Pickups that requires no minimum shipments, monthly fees or annual commitments
•   Expert Guidance on medical waste segregation, education materials and online compliance training
•   DOT approved containers & supply of red bags and boxes for overflow medical waste containment
•   Cleaning and Disinfection services for all types of businesses, medical or workplace settings
•   Scheduling, Transportation & Disposal of your waste with Manifests, Labels & Shipping Documents
•   A qualified and responsive team that is on hand to support you every step of the way!

Other Waste Solutions We Provide


“MCF’s prices are great and all their service people are wonderful! They’re easy to get a hold of whenever I call and very accommodating if I have a special request. I always recommend MCF Environmental Services to anyone that needs regulated waste disposal.”