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A Leader in End of Life Product Disposal

MCF’s specialization in expired products disposal, flammable substance management and environmental treatment, has positioned us as a reliable and cost-effective waste management partner for manufacturers, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical distributors for more than 30 years.

Certain distinctions govern the classification of a “product” at end of life being regarded as a “waste”. In the case of hand sanitizer, due to the FDA recall of many hand sanitizer products citing methanol or wood alcohol poisoning risk, it is no longer just volume that determines the means by which a product must be disposed of.

For more than three decades, MCF have been supporting small businesses, manufacturers and distributors with the disposal of end of life product, particularly those that are prone to ignitability and thereby classified as a hazardous waste when discarded. Our team of hazardous experts support customers across the full life cycle of hazardous waste management, from waste profiling through to transport, treatment, disposal and proof of destruction. For hand sanitizer collection and disposal, the following should be reviewed under the hazardous waste classifications.

  • FDA Recalled Hand Sanitizer products
  • Bulk amounts of alcohol based products containing ethanol or isopropyl
  • Bulk amounts of expired hand sanitizer in single or bulk units

Our unique waste management approach:


Full Waste Stream management of all hazardous waste streams


Expertise in the packaging and treatment of recalled and expired products


Locally owned waste collection and treatment services with closed-loop manifest records


Online Compliance Course training, waste profiling and regulatory support


We’re available and responsive. We take great pride in our reliable customer support


One-time pickups and regular scheduled service flexibility

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Please note we do not provide disposal services for household waste

Understanding the FDA Recall Requirements

With its high alcohol content, hand sanitizer products are considered ignitable and are therefore regulated as hazardous waste when discarded 40 C.F.R. § 261.21. To this end, depending on the volume of FDA-recalled hand sanitizer products that an organization is disposing of, it may or may not be constituted as RCRA hazardous waste. The key differentiator is as follows: If the manufacturer, supplier or purchaser concludes that the FDA-recalled hand sanitizer should be discarded, then in all likelihood most states will consider this material a waste at a company level, subject to RCRA hazardous standards. Alternatively, where there is a plan to return the recalled hand sanitizer to the manufacturer for further evaluation or testing, there is an argument that the product remains a “product” and is not subject to RCRA disposal requirements.

Local, Reliable and Price Competitive Services

We focus on your hazardous waste needs, so you can focus on patient outcomes

As a specialized waste company, we focus on what we do best - compliance and expertise in waste identification, transport and treatment. Many of the customers we work with have very little knowledge about hazardous waste management, so we have worked hard to create a service model that demystifies waste handling regulations and provides simple and straight-forward waste management solutions that keep costs low, facilities compliant, and clinical staff safe. At MCF our team handle all aspects of waste so you’re only dealing with one company to book waste services, manage account changes, download manifests and deliver compliance training... and we’re local!

Waste Streams We Manage

We specialize in all hazardous waste types generated by healthcare facilities, manufacturers and retail distributors. As waste specialists, we pride ourselves on removing the complexity of regulatory compliance and bulk waste collection scheduling. From supply of bins and packaging to the transport and treatment of waste, we do it all. Here are some of the healthcare waste streams we manage.

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