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No minimum shipments required, no monthly or annual fees. We will charge you only for the waste you generate.


We handle everything, from waste profiles and compliance support to bins, scheduling, transport, disposal and manifest.


Our drivers and support team have decades of experience, training and certification to identify waste and minimize risk exposure

A Leader in Sharps Waste Disposal


MCF Environmental has been partnering with Nursing Homes and Healthcare facilities for more than 30 years in the compliant management of sharps, medical waste and other ancillary waste streams. Our Difference? We align price and services with our customer needs.

Trusted by thousands of facilities for our local, reliable and niche service expertise, we are dedicated to delivering medical waste collection and sharps disposal services that are tailored to the needs of our customers. For sharps and red bag waste this not only means determining the right containers to suit the volumes of waste your facility generates, but also establishing a waste pickup service frequency that reflects your needs.

At MCF we take a lot of pride in the services and support we provide to our customers, unlike many medical waste companies, we don’t broker your waste to another company when you sign up with us – we service you ourselves! It’s our trucks, our treatment, our people. Providing a closed loop of excellence across all aspects of your medical waste management experience, we ensure reliability and consistency in container supply, transport, sharps container disposal, compliance, pricing and documentation, protecting your cradle to grave responsibility and your bottom line.

We dispose of the following Medical Sharps:


Used Syringes and Sharps “near empty”


Any devices used to puncture or lacerate the skin


Broken Capillary Tubes, Rigid Plastic or Culture Slides


Disposable Scalpels and Blades


Hypodermic Needles, Lancets and Glass Vials


Disposable Sharps Containers

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Please note we do not provide disposal services for household waste

Sharps Waste Pickup Frequency... On Your Terms

Working in healthcare for over 30 years, we know that no two facilities are the same or have the same needs for medical waste containers and pickups – that’s why we tailor our services to suit your needs. By establishing a service frequency that matches the medical waste volumes you generate, we can minimize our carbon footprint, lower your costs, and reduce service interruptions. At MCF it’s our trucks, and our drivers that will be servicing you so if your needs change, we can change with you! Our goal is to provide a transparent service offering that is aligned with your needs now and into the future.

We Are the Experts... For YOU

We mitigate your waste needs, so you can focus on patient care

As a service-based business supporting healthcare, we are very aware of the critical role we play in ensuring continuity of patient services, and driving infection control efforts through the supply of clean containers and systemized waste pickups. Our team of waste specialists and compliance experts do the heavy lifting of helping small healthcare facilities to understand medical waste segregation, complete waste profiles and formularies for pharmaceuticals, and provide training on waste storage and handling protocols at a site level. For sharps waste management, we help you with the right containers, the right education, and the right waste pickup frequency for YOU.

The Importance of Turnkey Lab Pack Service

Eliminating risk in the categorization and packing of chemicals

For lab decommissioning, it’s essential to choose a waste partner that not only has licensing and permitting for transport and disposal, but also the expertise in compliance training, chemistry and hazardous substance categorization. Before any chemical substances can be packaged and containerized, a full inventory of chemicals must be compiled and expert guidance provided to correctly package the lab pack according to the type of waste. Correct packing and segregation of innocuous waste is critical to eliminating risk of chemical reactiveness, and when you partner with MCF, we provide this service (categorization, packing and handling) for you.

We Help you Navigate Sharps Waste Disposal

At MCF we see ourselves as an extension of your business, and take great pride in being able to support the back-end of healthcare so that our partners can focus on front-end patient excellence. Part of this, is delivering sharps container disposal pricing and services that are transparent and reliable. We provide:

  • Identification of all materials within the lab
  • Inventory creation of all chemicals and substances
  • Expert guidance on chemical storage, satellite accumulation areas and correct labelling
  • DOT approved lab pack containers that are leakproof and chemical resistant
  • Scheduling of your waste pickup with Waste Profiles, Manifests, Labels, Placards and Shipping
  • All labor associated with packing of the lab pack, and all travel expenses associated with transport
  • A program that requires no minimum shipments, monthly fees or annual commitments

•   Free assessment of waste needs and non-obligation quote with variable service options
•   Medical waste collection and medical sharps disposal with no minimum pickups, monthly fees or annual commitments
•   Expert Guidance on sharps waste segregation, education materials and online compliance training
•   DOT approved containers designed for biomedical waste disposal
•   Access to the industry’s safest reusable Sharpsmart container through our exclusive partnership
•   Online compliance training for DOT, HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens
•   Scheduling, Transportation and Disposal of your healthcare waste with Manifests, Labels and Shipping Documents
•   A qualified and responsive team that is on hand to support you every step of the way!

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“MCF’s prices are great and all their service people are wonderful! They’re easy to get a hold of whenever I call and very accommodating if I have a special request. I always recommend MCF Environmental Services to anyone that needs regulated waste disposal.”