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Our drivers and support team have decades of experience, training and certification to identify waste and minimize risk exposure

A Leader in Hospital Waste Management

In association with Daniels Health, the leading clinically-focused medical waste partner to hospitals, their affiliates and their off-sites, we have been redefining safe and cost effective hospital waste transformation programs for the last two decades.

Generating an estimated 5.9 million tons of medical waste per year, hospitals generate the largest volumes of medical waste in the US and are scrutinized to the highest standards of waste handling, packaging and disposal efficacy. Unlike a small physicians office or dental clinic, hospital waste stream management demands a holistic approach that looks at waste movement, hazardous waste packaging and consolidation, storage, waste segregation and audits, cleaning protocols and container placement to drive the highest levels of safety and infection control.

At MCF we take a holistic approach, and with the healthcare industry moving to a financial model that is based on value rather than volume, we adopt a partnership position to reduce costs, while protecting your compliance risk and your brand. As tenured experts in hazardous waste, we offer bespoke inventory analysis and audits to understand the biggest impacts on costs, and work with your facility to determine the best segregation, disposal and recycling path for each individual waste stream.

With hundreds of hospitals partnered with the MCF and Daniels group, we have a proven record of not only providing reliable consolidated waste management services to some of the US’ leading hospital brands, but also providing a value-driven model that reduces waste.

Hospital Waste Management Services include::


Full Waste Stream management with dedicated bins and disposal methodologies


Online DOT, HAZMAT and Bloodborne Pathogen Training for Clinical, EVS Staff and Waste Handlers


Bespoke Education Tools for improved Segregation, Waste Volume Reduction and Cost Reduction


Hazardous Waste Program for the cost optimization of hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals


Waste movement mapping, waste audits, and waste segregation training to drive reduced spend

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Please note we do not provide disposal services for household waste

Hospital Waste Streams We Manage

We specialize in healthcare waste streams - both hazardous and non-hazardous. With dedicated tenured specialists that understand the nuances and state regulations governing every waste stream from sharps to RCRA hazardous, we provide expertise at both a granular waste stream level, as well as proven capability across the multi-faceted management of a hospital waste program, from waste mapping, accumulation and segregation audits right through to dock storage, transport and disposal options.

Waste Segregation that drives Cost Reductions

An essential component of hospital waste management best practice is the effective segregation of waste to optimize costs and drive compliance. We partner with hospitals to execute an integrated auditing, education and KPI monitoring program to bring transparency to your waste volumes by department and stream, and through meaningful data, improve decision making and training focus. Our integrated approach includes waste movement mapping to determine optimum placement of waste bins, waste generation review with formularies to ensure that the correct bins are available in areas that generate both hazardous and non hazardous pharmaceuticals, and quarterly auditing and business reviews to drive continued cost optimization.

Hospital Hazardous Waste made simple

A Full Service Partner that can manage both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Streams

Across a national infrastructure, MCF and Daniels Health together provide unparalleled expertise in full service clinically-focused hospital waste management. MCF’s 30+ years of specialization in hazardous waste provides a platform to truly optimize costs and environmental impact of hazardous waste stream management, and Daniels brings safety and infection control solutions that are second to none in elevating hospital waste management to a new modern standard of cleanliness, compliance and clinical efficacy. With national transport, treatment and service capabilities, our integrated service offering provides a cost-transformative model for small and large hospitals looking to reimagine their healthcare waste management program..

Correct Chemotherapy
Waste Disposal

Segregating RCRA Hazardous and Trace Chemotherapy Waste

When disposing of chemotherapy contaminated items such as PPE, drapes or bandages, it’s important to distinguish whether they are visibly contaminated (considered bulk chemotherapy waste) or not (considered trace chemotherapy waste). With vials, bags, IV tubes and other items used to contain chemotherapy drugs, these items are considered “RCRA empty” if they held U-listed substances and contain less than 3% of the former volume. If however these items contained P-listed substances, the same is only considered “RCRA empty” if it is triple-rinsed. With bulk chemotherapy waste categorized as a hazardous waste stream, effective segregation is critical.

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