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Waste Services

Serving Healthcare, Manufacturing, Institutions and more.

We are experts in specialist waste management.

Industrial + Manufacturing Waste Removal

Serving Manufacturing facilities, Construction Sites, Universities, Municipal Facilities and Chemical Laboratories, MCF provides specialist packaging, collection, removal
and treatment solutions for all industrial wastes. Supported by a team of compliance and waste categorization experts, we ensure that all collection and treatment
methods meet State Codes and all applicable regulations.

Industrial Services

Healthcare Waste Services

Serving Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Testing Laboratories and Patient-care clinics, MCF has been a trusted partner to hundreds of healthcare facilities for the past 30
years. From standard red bag and medical sharps pickups, to hazardous waste accumulation and specialized handling and treatment scenarios; we help mitigate risk
in the cradle to grave management of healthcare-generated wastes.

Healthcare Facilities We Serve

Other Waste Services

Applicable to Industry, Research and Government facilities, we provide specialist waste collection, recycling, transport and disposal services for the following categories
of waste in line with National and State regulations.