When working with a company in the medical waste disposal industry, one of the most important factors you can take into consideration is the level of customer service you're going to receive from that company. If you only look at medical waste disposal cost, you're potentially setting yourself up for bad customer service, lots of frustration, and money unnecessarily spent.

Medical Waste Disposal Companies: 5 Reasons Customer Service Matters

  1. Medical Waste Management Companies Should Call You Back—Quickly

If you reach out to contact your medical waste disposal company, you shouldn't be waiting by your phone for days to hear back. It's reasonable to expect you'd receive a response within a business day—sometimes even less.

It's definitely a positive sign if you have the personal cell phone numbers of the waste management company employees. This shows a dedication to personal service and getting your waste-related questions answered.

Be wary of automated phone systems where it's next to impossible to speak to a live person, let alone anyone who can help in a timely manner with your specific account. It's easy to lose huge chunks of time wading through these automated systems and still not get your question answered satisfactorily.

  1. Waste Disposal Cost Isn't Everything—Consider Value

Customer service is a huge way to drastically increase the value you see out of your waste management price. Remember, time is money. If you have to waste a lot of effort dealing with a frustrating company, that directly relates to wasted money.

You obviously want to avoid overpaying (by getting locked into an inflated waste management contract, for example), but never underestimate the value added by excellent customer service.

  1. Personalized Attention for Your Medical Waste Removal

Rather than getting general answers or coverall responses to your problems, a company that provides good customer service takes the time to understand you, your medical facility, and your problems. This attention helps ensure the disposal of medical waste from your facility is smooth and seamless.

  1. Work with the Same Representative from Medical Waste Pickup to Pickup


You shouldn't have to guess who you're going to be dealing with every time you need a medical waste pick up. Consistency across drivers and other account representatives is a key part of good customer service. Having someone trusted who you know by name can make all the difference when sorting out problems that crop up in your medical waste removal. Talking to someone new every time wastes your time and, by extension, your money.

Having the same highly professional driver also gives you peace of mind because you know that driver is going to follow whatever protocol you want (using the correct entrance, knowing where to safely park, not having to bother you to ask where the medical waste boxes are stored, and more). This makes it easier for the driver and the medical facility.

  1. Flexibility of Medical Waste Services

Good customer service means you aren't saddled with a cookie-cutter contract or service package. Rather, you'll have the opportunity to enter into a custom, unique waste management service agreement. Representatives should be willing to listen to you and tailor your services to your needs.

For more information about what constitutes good customer service in relation to your medical waste management, please feel free to contact a representative of MCF Environmental Services, a waste management Atlanta company.