If you operate a nursing home in the Atlanta region, it's important that you know everything you can about Atlanta waste management companies. As a facility that generates medical waste, you are responsible for complying with all state and federal-level laws related to the proper disposal of medical waste. Therefore, to avoid fines and other penalties, make sure you know how to choose the right medical waste disposal company!

Atlanta Nursing Homes - Important Tips for Selecting the Right Medical Waste Management Company for your Facility

  1. Nursing Homes Do Generate Medical Waste

If you treat patients at your nursing home, it's very likely you generate at least some form of medical waste that cannot simply be thrown in the trash. Especially items such as used needles or bloodied gauze are considered red bag waste, and they require special red bag waste disposal protocol. Pick a company that understand this and can help you safely and legally dispose of your waste.

  1. Not All Medical Waste Disposal Companies Are Equal

If you're seeking the services of a medical waste management company, don't assume each one is equally capable of dealing with your waste management needs. You want to select a company that has specific experience with nursing homes in order to ensure all protocol is properly followed.

If the company has worked with nursing homes before, you can feel confident that company knows how to properly package, ship, and dispose of any waste type a nursing home might generate. They'll also have the knowledge base to prepare any and all paperwork correctly and in a way that meets any legal requirements.

  1. Double-Check Insurance and Permits of Your Georgia Waste Management Company

In order to legally operate, waste management companies must have adequate insurance and the proper permits. Be especially careful that the company you select has specific permits to transport your waste, as those can be separate.

If your nursing home also has expired medications, you'll need a pharmaceutical waste disposal company that's properly permitted for this because if any of your medications are hazardous, the company will need a hazardous waste permit.

  1. Double-Check the Drivers of Your Waste Management Atlanta GA Company Are Trained

All drivers who handle this kind of waste must go through DOT training to legally operate the vehicles. If the drivers can't confirm they've completed this mandatory training, that's a big red flag for that company.

  1. Customer Service Matters

If you have a question, you don't want a company that's going to be slow in responding—especially if it's urgent or an emergency. Find a company that is knowledgeable and experienced but also puts particular effort into its customer service.

  1. Interview Lots of Atlanta Medical Waste Management Companies

You always want to work with the company that best suits your needs, so whatever specifications you need fulfilled for your nursing home, make sure the company you choose can accommodate.

You also want to choose a company that can cover the bases you don't even know you need covered. For example, if you suddenly find you need analytical testing done to determine if something is hazardous or not, you want to be working with a full-service medical waste management company. This way, the company you already know and trust is prepared to help you with whatever waste-related needs come up.

  1. Choose a Waste Management Company with an Emphasis on Education

Nursing home waste disposal is a complex area. There are legal considerations as well as logistical steps to ensure everything is done right. Therefore, it's very likely you will run up against questions, and you want a company that can accurately and thoroughly answer those questions.

Because you're ultimately responsible for your waste and take on cradle to grave liability, it's especially important the company provides you with sound advice. If they can point you toward helpful blogs or relevant e-books, that's a particularly good indication they put a high premium on educating their clients.

For more information about what your Atlanta-based nursing homes should look for in a medical waste removal company, please feel free to contact a representative of MCF Environmental Services, a full-service medical waste management company in Atlanta, Georgia.