There's no denying that proper lab pack disposal is essential to any organization that must treat and remove their expired chemicals, but it's particularly essential in a college or university setting. If your university or college has laboratories that require these services, poor lab packs could mean more than just improperly discarded chemicals; it could mean real safety hazards for your students and staff.

Why Correct Lab Pack Disposals Are So Important for Your College or University

Incorrect Lab Pack Disposal: Financial Consequences

The first reason every university or college should pay attention to this service is purely financial. Failing to comply with local, state, or federal regulations in how you dispose of your expired hazardous material could see your facing some serious fines.

As agencies have become more stringent over the years about enforcing these laws (and cracking down on those who fail to comply), there has been an associated jump in the fines associated with noncompliance.

And, don't forget, even if you work with a hazardous waste management company, that doesn't automatically mean you're in the clear. If the company is disreputable or inexperienced, you could still be saddled with fines—and be out the money you paid that company to perform their services.

For smaller universities or colleges, these kinds of fines and extra financial burdens could be devastating.

Lab Waste Disposal Matters—First and Foremost—Because It's a Safety Issue

Colleges and universities are filled with students, staff members, and other employees. On a daily basis, many people come in contact with or are near the hazardous materials found in those university or college laboratories.

Every person who is exposed to those expired chemicals is potentially at risk if the lab pack waste is not properly and carefully identified, stored, and readied for transport and disposal.

Hazardous Materials within a College Laboratory Are Extremely Dangerous

The kinds of chemicals typically found within a school laboratory setting are potentially very dangerous. This commonly includes the following:

  • Reactive waste.
  • Flammable waste.
  • Corrosive waste.

With that array of chemicals and waste products, one wrong move could easily lead you to be dealing with fires, explosions, noxious fumes, and more. This could result from any number of mistakes: improper identification of your waste products, improper storage (putting a corrosive material in a metal drum, for example), mixing waste types that react dangerously, and so on.

It's often required that these packs are completed during business hours, which only compounds safety issues because that's exactly when the most people are going to be on your university or college campus.

Reach Out to Reputable Hazardous Waste Management Companies

If you're uncertain about how to deal properly and safely with your lab waste, this is not an area to take chances. With the potential financial ramifications and the safety hazards posed to students, staff, and university employees, it's imperative that these packs are done with extreme care and diligence.

Ensure the company you're working with is experienced, qualified, permitted, licensed, and insured to perform this kind of work.

For more information about how to safely handle all aspects of your university waste management, please feel free to reach out to a representative of MCF Environmental Services, a waste management Atlanta company.