It can be difficult for any medical facility to determine whether they're overpaying for their medical waste disposal. If your Cincinnati, Ohio, doctor's office is wondering about this very thing, don't worry! With a bit of research and legwork, there are some easy ways you can determine if you're getting the best deal. Read on for tips and pointers about how to get started.

Waste Management Tips: How to Know If Your Cincinnati, Ohio, Doctor's Office Is Overpaying for Medical Waste Removal

Be Aware of Typical Waste Disposal Costs

One prevalent problem within the medical waste disposal industry is that doctors' offices don't even realize they are overpaying for their medical waste removal services. Therefore, if you want to help ensure your Cincinnati, Ohio, doctor's office is not overpaying, do some research. Find out what the average cost of these services should be for the type of waste you generate and your specific geographic location.

Remember, transportation fees are one huge factor in waste management pricing, and a doctor's office located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is going to be fairly metropolitan. This should help keep the cost down (relative to a doctor's office in a more rural location).

Waste Management Contracts versus Waste Management Service Agreements

One of the largest factors determining your waste management costs is whether you're currently under a contract or a waste management service agreement.

A contract is a legally binding document, and it typically is a multiyear commitment. Under a waste management contract, your doctor's office generally agrees to pay a set monthly fee for all your waste-related needs. In a service agreement, you're simply paying for what you use every month. Every contract is different, of course, so it's crucial you read the exact wording of any contract you're currently under or thinking about signing.

In general, however, doctors' offices tend to find that contracts lead to much higher costs over time when compared to how much waste they actually need disposed and what services they use.

The only way to be sure for your doctor's office is to simply do the math. Find out what you'd pay under contract versus a service agreement for your waste needs.

Under Contract? Still Get Quotes for the Cost of Waste Disposal

Even if you're Ohio-based doctor's office is currently under contract, it's still a great idea to call around to your local medical waste disposal companies. By getting multiple quotes, you can start to ascertain what's considered average in and around the Cincinnati area. (Just make sure you're comparing apples to apples when you get quotes. That is, if you only generate regulated medical waste, don't compare that price against pathological waste disposal.)

If you determine your current cost of waste management is too high, make sure you know exactly when your contract renewal date is. Also make sure you know how to get out of that contract without needless fines or penalties. (Again, always read your specific contract for these kinds of details.) You need to know this renewal date so you're not automatically signed up for another multiyear term with your contract!

Waste Management Costs in Cincinnati, Ohio

There are always going to be many factors that determine your actual waste management price. However, as a ballpark figure, one box of regulated medical waste (typically a thirty-gallon cardboard box) is going to run you somewhere in the $20 to $45 range. Note, this range simply represents an average. Individual doctor's offices could certainly end up paying as little as $15 or as much as $75.

This is why calling a medical waste disposal company that services your area is so important. It helps you gauge what's truly appropriate to expect for medical waste disposal cost in your specific situation.

For more information about waste disposal cost and your Cincinnati, Ohio, doctor's office, feel free to reach out to a representative of MCF Environmental Services today or download our FREE e-book!