Waste Disposal

Managing waste cradle to grave, we reduce risk,

ensure compliance and guarantee affordable pricing

Sustainable Cradle to Grave
Waste Management

Affordable, Reliable Services

Ensure compliance, reduce risk, and manage costs with our cradle to grave waste management services customized to fit the unique needs of industrial clients, healthcare providers and laboratories. With specialization in the collection, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, our “no smoke or mirrors” approach delivers a partnership with our customers that is dependable, transparent, and dedicated to minimizing environmental footprint.

Our Services Include:


Industrial Services including Roll-Off Containers, Site Remediation Services and Vacuum Trucks


Lab Pack Services


Lamp, Battery and Universal Waste Recycling


Perchloroethylene (Perc) Disposal, Chemicals and Solvents


RCRA Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal


Onsite Autoclave Processing and Sterilization


Paper shredding and confidential document destruction


Biohazardous medical waste including sharps disposal, pathological waste


Bulk and Trace Chemotherapy waste disposal


Waste Characterization and Classification including formulary analysis


OSHA Compliance training, complete insurance coverage and document preparation

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Please note we do not provide disposal services for household waste

Expertise-Led Solutions

We Start With Your Needs

Whether your waste needs originate from a laboratory, manufacturing plant, dry cleaners or medical waste practice; we begin with a conversation. Our team knows exactly what questions to ask to help you accurately and thoroughly identify the type of waste you have, what regulations govern your state and industry, and what waste transport and disposal processes are right for you. Through expert blueprinting, we can design a waste schedule that optimizes your costs and compliance.

30+ Years Experience

With three decades of experience in waste disposal management, we button up every aspect of hazardous waste compliance, from the levels of insurance we hold to manage customers’ risk to the strict compliance and routine maintenance schedules we maintain across our business. Our 8,000+ roster of satisfied clients attests to our ability to provide quality, scalable, budget-friendly and professional waste disposal solutions.

Subject Matter Expertize

From lab-packing chemicals to site remediation; we have over 100 years of collective expertize in hazardous waste management. Our compliance and waste experts are equipped with the latest regulatory guidance, helping our customers minimize their risk and protect their staff in every aspect of waste handling – from waste segregation and hazardous accumulation requirements, through to correct labelling and manifests.

Reliable and Consistent Service

Once you partner with MCF, we will set up a pickup schedule that matches your waste volumes and unique facility requirements, and assign you a regular driver. Our drivers will arrive at your facility with a pre-printed manifest and necessary paperwork; and because you keep your assigned driver throughout the length of your service contract, he or she always knows what containers and equipment are needed to retrieve your waste safely.

It’s a Partnership

As MCF manage every step of the waste journey, including transport, disposal and treatment, we are constantly working with our customers to optimize their costs and service efficiencies. Our team of compliance and waste experts are dedicated to helping customers navigate complex waste handling requirements and keeping them up to speed with changing state or federal regulations. We take very seriously the responsibility of managing our customers’ risk. .

Our Promise To You

At MCF Environmental, every aspect of our operations, from our well-maintained fleet of trucks to our experienced, professional and courteous staff, is designed to ensure our clients receive competent, reliable and cost-effective waste management services. When you become an MCF Environmental customer, we never stop working for you, and we remain committed providing all of our clients with responsive, proactive and reliable disposal services customized to meet their unique needs and challenges.

Waste Solutions We Provide