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MCF Environmental Services have been serving medical clinics, laboratories, education institutions and local businesses for more than 30 years, offering specialist waste collection and disposal services for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.

In the Tar Heel state, North Carolina’s Department of Environment and The Natural Resources Division of Waste Management are primarily responsible for oversight when it comes to storage, transportation, treatment and ultimate disposal of medical waste.

The state recognizes the difference between medical waste and “regulated medical waste” which is in reference to blood and bodily fluids stored in volumes greater than 20 milliliters. In North Carolina, regulated medical waste also includes pathological and microbiological waste that has not been treated.

The Hazardous Waste section of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides relevant information for hazardous waste generators, rules, and reporting requirements.

Waste management rules and regulations

Waste management rules and regulations for the state of North Carolina include those associated with medical waste, hazardous waste, solid waste, and more. When it comes to hazardous waste, the state follows the guidelines of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Regulated medical waste streams are under the purview of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

State rules and regulations can also be found under North Carolina’s Administrative Code (NCAC), Title 15A – Environmental Quality. Pay special attention to definitions found under 15A NCAC 13A .0102 as these will determine waste stream categories.

Additional and detailed information regarding medical wastes can be found within the Solid Waste Division, under rules 15A NCAC 13B .1201 through .1204. These rules regulate non-hazardous solid waste.

North Carolina does not require that sharps be treated before disposal, although they must be placed into a rigid, leak-proof and puncture-resistant container prior to doing so. Containers can then be disposed of in a municipal solid waste landfill.

Hazardous waste generator status

Hazardous waste generators in the state should refer to information found under the hazardous-waste section in regard to hazardous waste, treatment, storage, and disposal processes, resources, and notifications. The state publishes a short document defining the differences between hazardous-waste categories from very small quantity generators to episodic generators and larger volume waste generators.

Small quantity generators may store hazardous waste for up to 180 days while large quantity generators are limited to 90 days. More information can be found here.

Documentation and maintenance of records are required for small or large quantity generators when it comes to hazardous waste, as defined by Title 40 CFR Part 261.3.

MCF Environmental Services is aware that staying up-to-date with constantly changing regulations at both the state and federal levels can be challenging. Avoid issues of non-compliance when it comes to waste and disposal processes. For more information regarding our products and customizable services, call one of our knowledgeable representatives today.

Waste Collection Services we provide in North Carolina:


Sharps and biomedical waste for healthcare facilities


Pharmaceutical waste and prescription medications disposal


RCRA Hazardous, Chemical waste and Environmental Services


Lab Packs and laboratory waste collection


Dry Cleaning Waste Management


Confidential Document Destruction

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North Carolina State Resources

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