• Decontamination: MCF can clean and disinfectant your facility, office, home etc. to meet all necessary requirements

  • Transportation:  Our certified & trained drivers will pick up your waste and have all necessary paperwork

  • Disposal: MCF operates an autoclave to properly dispose of your waste and will provide necessary documentation

Health and Safety during this pandemic is our top priority.  We also want to ensure your compliance

ALL MCF services and procedures meet or exceed requirements by:

  • CDC (Center for Disease Control)

  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

  • WHO (World Health Organization )



  • COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) waste is classified by CDC as regulated medical waste and managed the same as all other RMW. 

  • Prevention and/or response time are critical in stopping the virus


Disposal Instructions for COVID-19 Coronavirus Waste

View our guide on how to properly package and dispose of COVID-19 waste.  Maintain compliance and minimize cost.

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