Dry Cleaning Waste Management Services

MCF Systems Atlanta Dry Cleaner Services


  • Transportation and Disposal of Perchloroethylene and Petroleum solvent wastes
  • Filters and Powder
  • Still Bottom Sludge
  • Rags and Debris
  • Separator Water
  • 15-20-55 Gallon Containers
  • Trained and Certified Drivers
  • Document Preparation
  • Complete Pollution Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Waste Characterization & Classification


We have been providing cost effective waste management solutions for over 25 years to the dry cleaning industry

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Our Story

MCF Systems Atlanta Inc. was founded in 1989 to assist small generators of hazardous wastes with the management of spent solvents used in their business. With the recent enactment of the various environmental regulations under RCRA most small businesses were unprepared to deal with compliance and disposal. With few vendors serving the smaller companies MCF identified an underserved segment of the market in need of a responsible and cost effective alternative. Our initial market was serving Dry Cleaners with the recycling and disposal of perchloroethylene wastes solvents. MCF built a recycling center in Atlanta and quickly ramped up its transportation system to provide regular scheduled service in 20 states with its own fleet of route collection vehicles with trained and certified drivers. Today, MCF Systems Atlanta continues to be a leader in serving the Dry Cleaner with recycling and disposal alternatives for Perchloroethylene and Petroleum (hazardous and non-hazardous) waste solvents.

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