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MCF Environmental Provides Hospital Medical Waste Disposal Services

Hospital Medical Waste – MCF is one of the few companies experienced and qualified to manage the diverse waste management and individual needs hospitals require today with the increased regulatory oversight for proper handling, and disposal of RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous, pharmaceutical, trace chemotherapy, pathological and regulated bio-medical (redbag) waste. Our dedicated and experienced employees provide our hospitals and healthcare centers responsive medical waste collection services at very competitive prices. Per-container or per pound pricing affords our customers the ability to track waste disposal and manage costs. As an organization we are customer driven, we strive to know our customers and provide them with safe, compliant, reliable service. We are a phone call away from quickly answering your questions or addressing your waste management issues.

Why Hospitals Choose to Work With Us:

• Flexible waste management contracts customized to meet your needs. No hidden or monthly fees. • Cost effective Hospital Medical Waste Disposal services – saving you money. • MCF’s proprietary EPA manifest tracking and waste generation reporting system can produce customized reports to help you better manage your costs and compliance. • Drivers are assigned to the same routes, personable, reliable and highly professional with scheduled collection services. • Dependable account representatives are assigned to each medical facility to get to know your staff and understand your business. • Prompt and reliable customer service that will return your call the same day. • On site hospital staff training in OSHA and RCRA requirements for waste handling. • Facility and waste management assessments to minimize waste generation and insure proper and cost efficient recycling and disposal. • 20 years in the Hospital Medical Waste Disposal Industry.

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Red Bag Medical Waste – Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste

MCF Medical Waste specializes in the proper handling and disposal of all types of regulated medical waste including red bag, Biohazardous, pathological, sharps containers, gloves, gauze, gowns and other disposables from exam and treatment rooms. Appropriate containers, packaging guidelines, documentation, training and dependable collection schedules help our clients maintain a safe, responsible workplace for their staff and patients.

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Sharps Disposal

The MCF Medical Waste sharps program assures safe management of all used sharps with secure impenetrable sharps containers. Available for each exam and treatment room and designed for offsite shipment in your Redbag-BioHazardous containers. Just let our driver or customer service department know what you need.

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Pharmaceutical Waste

MCF Medical Waste will assist with a Formulary Review for all pharmaceuticals used in your office or healthcare facility to properly identify and characterize unused, partially used and expired pharmaceuticals including trace chemotherapy waste in accordance with Federal RCRA Hazardous and DEA controlled substances regulations.

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RCRA Hazardous Waste

MCF’s Medical Waste Division specializes in Regulated Medical Waste and provides collection, transportation, & and treatment for all of your medical waste needs. Our Medical Waste Division collects a variety of  trace chemo, pathological, RCRA, pharmaceutical,hazardous red bag, bio-hazardous medical waste and sharps.

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RCRA Pharmaceutical / DEA Waste

MCF provides comprehensive medical waste, pharmaceutical and RCRA Hazardous waste disposal services to meet your waste management requirements. Our professional staff will assist with a Formulary Review for all pharmaceuticals used in your facility to properly identify and characterize unused and expired pharmaceuticals including trace chemo in accordance with federal RCRA regulations.

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Trace Chemotherapy Waste

MCF Medical Waste manages Trace Chemotherapy Waste  including used or partially empty packages, tubes, syringes, needles, gowns and gloves used for intravenous cancer treatment. These waste materials are managed as a RCRA Hazardous waste and disposed of by incineration. With over 20 years of experience in Hazardous and other regulated waste management, MCF is experienced in the handling of any waste generated from your treatment center, medical office or hospital including hazardous and non-hazardous waste from other areas within your facility.

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OSHA Compliance

Our online OSHA training program can be easily and inexpensively implemented into your safety training program. The course is designed to provide effective OSHA compliance training for all employees through our internet based program. 

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Document Destruction and Paper Shredding

MCF Medical Waste has developed a Document Destruction / Paper Shredding Service for our customers to protect their client and patient information. We furnish a locking security cabinet for placement and storage of all proprietary documents and remove the documents for secure destruction on your regular schedule.

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Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste

MCF Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in the proper disposal of Red Bag Medical Waste, which includes; sharps containers, gloves, gauze, gowns, etc. Our primary focus is to create a safe, responsible and customized program to collect and dispose of your Red Bag Medical Waste.

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Universal Waste

MCF Medical Waste disposal, through its parent MCF Environmental Services, offers recycling and re-purposing programs for E-Waste and Lamp and Battery wastes to insure that the hazardous materials are kept out of landfills and to the extent possible their components are recovered for reuse through properly managed recycling centers or re-purposed for other applications or markets.

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