Bio-Hazardous Red Medical Bag Waste Disposal for Doctor Offices

Red Medical Bag Waste Disposal – MCF Medical Waste specializes in the proper handling and disposal of all types of regulated medical waste including red bag, Biohazardous, pathological, sharps containers, gloves, gauze, gowns and other disposables from exam and treatment rooms. Appropriate containers, packaging guidelines, documentation, training and dependable collection schedules help our clients maintain a safe, responsible workplace for their staff and patients.



  • Appropriate custom sized shipping containers and red bags
  • Professional pickup, removal, and transportation for disposal
  • Waste removal services on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, 8 week, 12 week or “will call”, as determined by the type and volume of waste your facility generates and mandatory local and state regulations.
  • Compliant of all Red Medical Bag Waste Disposal
  • Complete manifesting and chain of custody documentation for the collection and disposal of all Red Medical Bag Waste

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MCF Medical Waste will assist with a Formulary Review for all Pharmaceutical Waste used in your office or healthcare facility to properly identify and characterize unused, partially used and expired pharmaceuticals including trace chemotherapy waste in accordance with Federal RCRA Hazardous and DEA controlled substances regulations.

We supply UN/DOT rated shipping containers for pharmaceuticals and trace chemotherapy wastes, custom sized to meet your specific storage requirements and transportation for appropriate disposal.


Our Pharmaceutical Disposal Services Include:

  • Identification and Characterization
  • Separation and packaging
  • Documentation and Transportation
  • Disposal – Incineration
  • Document Destruction


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