Dependable & Cost Effective Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste Services for Doctor Offices

Doctor Offices Save 20% On Medical Waste Disposal

Biohazardous Medical Waste Disposal Services for Doctor Offices

MCF Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in the proper disposal of Biohazardous Medical Waste, which includes; sharps containers, gloves, gauze, gowns, etc. Our primary focus is to create a safe, responsible and customized program to collect and dispose of your Red Bag Medical Waste. Our Red Bag Waste removal services help protect you, your associates, and the reputation of your business.  From private practices to hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, funeral homes and everything in between, MCF can handle your Red Bag Medical Waste needs with speed and accuracy.  MCF genuinely cares about its customers and is able to deliver the prompt and reliable service that you deserve at a competitive price.



  • Appropriate custom sized shipping containers & red bags
  • Professional pickup, removal, and transportation for disposal
  • Waste removal services on a weekly, 2 week, monthly, 8 week, 12 week or “will call”, which is determined by the type and volume of waste your facility generates and mandatory local and state regulations in your area.
  • Compliant medical waste treatment and disposal
  • Complete chain of custody documentation for the collection and disposal of all Biohazardous Medical waste, and required shipping manifests.

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