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Waste Management Company Requirements to Pick up Dry Cleaning Waste

Within the hazardous waste management industry, dry cleaning is a very specialized, niche market. The waste generated in that business is deemed hazardous, though, and several federal bodies highly regulate its handling, shipping, and treatment. If you’re in the dry cleaning industry and you’re working with a waste management company, it’s your responsibility to ensure that company has undergone and received the proper training, permitting, and insurance to safely, legally, and effectively handle dry cleaning waste.

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Medical Waste Disposal Tips—Regulatory Compliance Checklists Are Key

If you run or manage a doctor’s office, you know how important it is to follow each and every regulation related to proper medical waste removal. However, you’re probably also keenly aware of just how many steps that process involves—at the local, state, and federal level. If you’re feeling overwhelmed keeping all these rules and regulations straight, consider the benefits of a regulatory compliance checklist. Such a checklist is essential to keeping your office both safe and compliant.  

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Waste Disposal Tips—Creating a Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Checklist

Pharmaceutical waste disposal involves a lot of laws and just as many regulations. If you want your pharmacy to be fully compliant (and, therefore, minimize your chance of getting fined), you need to be organized and diligent about your waste management efforts. A checklist is one simple way to make sure you haven’t neglected any steps. With that in mind, the following is a brief overview of five line items that should appear on your pharmaceutical waste checklist.  

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Hazardous Waste… Are You a Small or Large Quantity Generator?

If you generate any hazardous materials in your line of work, it’s imperative you know your EPA generator status. Whether you’re a large quantity generator or a conditionally exempt small quantity generator dictates important aspects of how you store, transport, and report on your waste, and failure to comply with the regulations and laws that apply to your status could result in steep fines.  

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Hazardous Waste Disposal and Manufacturers: What You Need to Know

Proper hazardous waste disposal is incredibly important to any manufacturer. Especially as the laws regarding correct hazardous waste treatment become even stricter and more stringently enforced, failure to comply with these legal requirements will carry increasingly severe consequences. If you’re at all uncertain about the correct way to go about disposing of your hazardous waste, reach out to a reputable hazardous waste disposal company to get yourself educated and informed—and hopefully avoid those penalties.  

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Hazardous Waste—Have a Hazardous Waste Manifest or Bill of Lading

When it comes to hazardous waste, it’s pivotal that you know exactly what paperwork is required for you to properly and safely dispose of that waste. If you’re not completely familiar with both hazardous waste manifests and bills of lading, you could be filling out your paperwork incorrectly—and that leaves you vulnerable to fines and other punitive actions against your institution.  

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Pharmacies: How to Dispose of Expired Medication

If you run a pharmacy, it’s critical you know all the steps necessary for proper pharmaceutical waste disposal. Failure to be fully compliant with local, state, and federal laws could result in massive fines, and any noncompliance could also present big environmental and safety concerns. The risks and consequences are high, so if you’re at all unsure about your Georgia pharmacy’s compliance, read on!  

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Waste Management Requirements for Pharmaceutical Waste

Relatively new to the waste management arena, pharmaceutical waste presents a “new frontier” for hazardous waste collection and disposal. Most often generated by hospitals and pharmacies, pharmaceutical waste presents a unique set of challenges due to the complexity of its varied waste stream and evolving understanding of its impact on human health and the environment. 

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